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Frontend rebuild

  • use Vue and standardise, led by Tiago
  • design by Ciaran
  • document by Liz.

Priority 1

Component Wiki Updated Design Done Notes
[4001] Standard Page Header Y Y
[4018] Simple Search Bar Y Y 4018 id done, other search components and descriptions that it uses need review and update
[4049] Universal Side Bar Y Y
[1140] View My Home Page Y
View a Spacethe intersection of an Interest and a Location, a presentation concept Y

Priority 2

Component Wiki Updated Design Done Notes
[1337] View Personal Profie started (My done)
both viewed by the owner of the profile and by others
Edit Personal Profile

Priority 3

Component Wiki Updated Design Done Notes
[1301] Add Event see -> Tiago to develop using existing Modals as a base and discuss his ideas for improved design
[1337] View Event
[1226] Edit Event uses mostly the same modals as add plus a few others, discuss redesign with Tiago

Priority 4

Component Wiki Updated Design Done Notes
View My Messages
Create Messagea private communication to a User, it may be from another User or from the system
Reply to message
Delete Message

Data Loading & Interviews

Clicking any 'box' (with a link) will take you to the processwhat the business does in response to a given Event and with a know Result. description


  • Gentian - Beta has been redeveloped in part or completely
  • Pale Mauve - Beta has this in part or completely, not yet redeveloped
  • Pale Blue - new functionality that may be developed
  • Grey administrative aspect, not yet developed, will be required once Tuvens grows

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